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Galleries of women over forty years old

"Forty year old period is a wonderful time. It is not already summer, but also isn't autumn yet...". That is how the author characterises the age of forty in the man's life. This is the time of wisdom, experienced and mature, well aqcuainted with deprivation, but at the same time full of hope and belief. The brides of this age know perfectly well what they want. They went their life distance differently - each in her own way. But, getting to the edge of forty, many of them faced the same - complete loneliness. And they started looking for the love partner. This is really the time for hope. The life is just beginning, isn't it? For some of them it will result not only in meeting a future husband, but also giving birth to a son or daughter. There is still force, desire and time for that!

For a single woman over 40 much has already finished. But nevertheless she can become happy and meet real love. She can marry a decent man and get fortunate!

The time if flying, but the hope is surviving in the woman's heart. That is why she is seaking. That is why she is broadening her sphere of aqcuaintances not to lose the chance and not to miss the man of her dream.

Internet here comes to the woman's rescure. It gives her a wide range of variants and opportunities. And it can be really difficult to choose the one how will really stay with her for the life-time and help her get through all the loneliness, depression and anxiety. But how to avoid a mistake in this really difficult question?

Of course it is necessary to start a dialogue. Also online communication and real meetings are needed. In our time a great majority of different variants are available! The main thing is not to miss, not to neglect the opportunity the life is providing you with. Both the men and the girls should be brave and persistant.The search must be very active. And it is also very important to understand what you want to get from your meetings and communication.

A single women over 40 can be easily encouraged. The man should firstly decide what age is more preferable for him. In other way the parting will be very painful for the woman. Nobody wants to course pain and hurt, that is why it is so necessary to be prudent. Before writing a message to a single women over 40 please bare in mind that her intentions are quite serious and she is longing for creating a family. May be she will be satisfied with some promising meetings, but it will not last long. She cannot lose time. Firstly try to check whether your interests and sympathies are compatible or not. Then think it over and come to a conclusion. Do not hesitate long. One serch can follow the other, one aqcuaintance can follow the next. You don't like it, do you? But that is the only way to meet a person you are looking for. And the more men she will meet and communicate, the more chances she has and determines. The men do the same trying to date as many ladies as possible.

"Forty-year-old period is wonderful...Our matureness is clever like an anility, but at the same time it's not old at all..."
These are the clear advantages of a single woman over 40. She is in the flush of her energy and power, and at the same time has enough wisdom not only for herself, but also to share it with other people, especially with her dear husband. The desire to be necessary and useful for somebody is the most important for her now.

Have you seen the film "Pretend that you are my wife"? Why is the main character choosing as the life-partner an elderly woman, having children and experience? He didn't prefer a young and pretty one. And he is explaining it quite simple - "I did it because she is not you, she is different". There's a good food for thought for all men. The main thing is not the age, but the understanding that somebody loves you. A single women over 40 can have it all, as the life is only beginning.
The eyes of a single women over 40 can sparkle from happiness. She has experience. She's craving for love and self-sacrifice for a dear husband and children. She's longing for harmony in her life.
And she is also able to be thankful... Think about it, it is very important! So is this age worse then any other? Of course the man's age should be about the same not to surrender the woman's wisdom and experience. If the man is eager to make the woman happy and give her his attention and heart, everything will go on well.May be you are the very man a wonderful single women over 40 is looking for?