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Galleries of women over fifty years old

If by fifty years old a woman had a family and kids, then when she ends up alone, she is going to find a person who she could give her care and attention to. On the other hand, the woman herself is used to not being alone, and have someone to take care of her as well. A habit has a great power.

Sometimes another factor works. It's hard to be alone for a woman. It's difficult to make herself go somewhere alone. And she is afraid. But she wants to. She wants to go out with somebody so that she can discuss what she has seen, and to share her impressions. It's not always possible to call up a friend. Moreover, if a friend is married and is not rushing to share the hours of rest with you. And just to feel a person close to you right next to you, to understand who needs you is a great happiness for a woman.

There is another category of women who, to the contrary, have not had a family until 50 years old, but they have not lost their faith in that they would definitely find their second half. These brides have never felt any warmth from their family. They might have got the warmth from some else's "fire", which might have made them want to have their own family even more. These are those girls, who have always hoped and believed in their happiness against all the odds. Because for all the women creating a family is something from above. And it is not important whether the woman has already had a family or she hasn't. It's very bad to be completely alone.

When you end up alone at the age of over fifty, this is even more scary than in the youth. Then it all seems resolvable and everything is possible. Here the woman realizes that many factors are not working out in her favor. Her strength is not the same as she used to have in the past, her health is still no longer the same, like it used to be in her youth, but the wish to have a friend next to her is not weaker than in the past, but to the contrary it's stronger than before.

Why does it happen? Because the woman approaches the issue of loneliness with her reason. In Russia people say, "So that there is someone to give you a cup". It's quite a normal human feeling to want to care of someone near you and want to be taken care of yourself. People say that having shared sadness among the two of you, it feels lighter, and having shared happiness among the two of you, it feels twice as happy. Using this type of life wisdom women over fifty look for opportunities not to stay alone, and to share their sadness and happiness among two people. So that their life and the life of the person next to them becomes lighter, nicer, and to live in more happiness and color. Many people only after fifty years of age start to realize how beautiful life is, how miraculous their coming to this world is, and how wonderful every lived day on the Earth is. It's so great to have someone next to you, so interesting to learn the inner world of your partner and to give him the care and the warmth of your heart.

Love all ages yield surrender. This is its main advantage. To love a mature, full of strength and energy woman, who is wise and understanding, who always forgives and have already forgiven everything - is that not what every mature, full-hearted man who has already seen a lot in his life want?

You just have to understand for yourself, that as you have crossed the age of fifty, you will not be able to find a better soulmate for yourself. This kind of man has all the advantages to be correctly understood, to find compassion and support from his partner. And what a man of this age needs nobody is going to deny. People of the same generation understand each other better, they have a higher probability of getting the same interests, and they look esthetically as a couple. People wish them health and long-lasting love. The length of the relations in terms of time is long for a couple like that.