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Manager Lyu (Lyubov)
The Head of the agency is Lyubov (or Lyu in short), the department works with the members of the site. If you want to reach Lyu, you can always address her answering the letters that are regularly sent to your mailbox.

Director Irina (Principal)
The Director Principal of the agency is Irina, she is responsible for solving all problem situations you might have on the site. You can address her by filling in the question form in the top right corner of the page. Irina or some other site managers will answer all your questions ass soon as they can. Whether you want to write to Irina, please find her email address on the website. There are four more managers who are responsible for supporting women on the site (they check the profiles and work with pictures). Also they usually help the girls when they have any problems. Whether you have a question, you can write it in the special form on the site - everything is very easy.

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