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Terms and Conditions

In case you start using our site (the "Website") you will have to stick to the main rules called Terms and Conditions ("Agreement"), no difference you are registered here as a member or not. If you are going to start and continue working with this website and establish the communication with other members, using all the services provided, please read the terms and conditions attentively. You are to accept these conditions before you become the member of the website by following the registration procedure. The terms and conditions can be slightly changes from time to time, all the modifications will be reflected on the site in the short period of time.

1. Eligibility
If you register your profile on the website you must be at least seventeen years old. In case the future member is younger, parents' allowance will be need for the registration process (if no parents' permission is provided, the member will not be able to start the communication process). Whether you start using the website, you thus submit that you have the full authority and capacity to enter the Agreement and agree to be abound by these terms and conditions.

2. Conditions
You should stick to this Agreement for all the time you are on the website as its member. In case you want to terminate your membership, you are expected to notify the website about this by mail or email. If you violate the rules of the website, your membership can be terminated and effective from the moment of sending you the notification by the email provided in your membership application form. If that happens due to the fact that you breached the Agreement, your subscription fees will not be paid back to you. When the membership is broken, the Agreement remains effective. Even if the Agreement is terminated, the provisions in sections 4, 8, 9 and 10 remain effective. Auto-renewal rates are impossible on the website.

3. Individual use only
The website is created and works only for individual members, the use for any commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Any organizations cannot become the members of the website and use its services (that includes collection of the names and surnames, email addresses, photo copying etc). All these actions will be immediately stopped and prosecuted under law.

4. The rights of property
The Website contains lots of materials that are in its private property such as photos, articles, stories and other information. Except for the data in the public usage, you are forbidden to copy, distribute or publish any information taken from the Website. In case you wish to use any data from the site, please ask for special permission for that.

5. Website content
  1. Signing the website agreement you thus confirm that all messages, photos, profiles and information can be reviewed and deleted in case if it violates the law or this agreement, or if it is illegal, offensive or harmful to other site members.
  2. Posting any content such as photos and personal information on the website you thus accept your responsibility for that content which can be also displayed and transmitted to other members.
  3. Posting any personal content on the Website you thus give your agreement that the Website will use it for its purpose. You grant us the non-exclusive, irrevocable right to use, display and copy any materials and information, create any derivatives of it and implement it into other contents.
  4. Then goes the list of things that are strictly prohibited by the Website rules. The Website keeps the right to investigate the cases, take legal actions against those who violate the rules and also terminate their membership.
The content prohibited includes:
  • things that are harmful or offensive to other people, such as promoting racism, indecent language, offensive sexual relationships, hatred; also nude photos and personal information
  • harassment to anyone
  • distribution of junk and spam emails, any kind of mass mails
  • promotion of any false information, illegal activities, abusing things
  • illegal non-agreed copying of another persons' work (websites and links to them, music files etc)
  • pages that are accessed with passwords only, and also any hidden pages
  • exploitation of people under 18 in a violent or sexual character
  • any kind of instruction about activities that violate law (weapons, computer viruses etc)
  • solicitation of any personal information for unlawful purposes including commercial ones
  • engaging anybody in any commercial activities such as pyramid schemes, advertisement and contests
You are to use the Website and its services with all possible regulations and restrictions.

6. It is forbidden to advertise anything through the website and its services and engage other members to buy any products. You may not deliver any junk emails to other Website users. The information provided on the Website cannot be used to harm or harass any people off the web. For the protection of the site members from the solicitation or advertisement, the Website keeps the right to restrict the amount of letters which each member can send from his address every 24 hours.

7. It is not allowed to include into your Website profile any personal data such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses. It is strictly forbidden to use any connotative language, offensive phrases to other members, upload nude pictures, use offensive sexual references. The Website keeps the full right to reject the profiles that do not coincide with the Website rules and Agreements.

8. Disclaimers
The Website doesn't take any responsibility for incorrect data posted on it. It is also not responsible for any defect, error, information omission, delay in communication or operations, access which was found non-authorized. The Website assumes no responsibility for any technical issues, telephone line problems, computer or services troubles and equipment failure. The Website is not responsible for any computer problems caused to the users by the site content.

The Website is never responsible for any damages, injuries, deaths which were caused by the Website usage, any content posted on the Website or any communication whenever it happened online or offline.

9. The Website is not liable to anybody for any damages, including lost profits, health injuries, deaths which were caused by the Website usage. The liability of the Website is always limited to the amount you've paid to the Website for the services and your membership.

10. Indemnity
You are to keep the Website and its offices and subsidiaries from any loss and damages including attorney's fees, made by any third party coming out of your Website usage not sticking to the Agreement and violating the rules posted here.

It can happen that you will be sent some obscene offensive information from some Website unauthorized users or even some members. It is also possible that someone will get some personal information posted by you on the Website to injure or harass you. The Website is not responsible for such unauthorized usage. Please choose carefully what data you can post on the site and release to other members. Some new options on the Website are in a trying period and will be soon opened to paying members of the Service.

The Agreement accepted by the member contains the full agreement between you and the Website. In case any part of the Agreement is held invalid, the rest of it remains in full force and effect.

If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. The Website is a trademark of Dating and Matchmaking.